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Melding styles can be difficult... But it can be done!

Sometimes in home staging you are not asked to provide all the furniture needed stage an entire house. There can be times when the home owner decides to leave certain items in the house for any number of different reasons.

It can sometimes be a difficult decision as to whether to take on a stage like this. There can often be complications with melding what can sometimes be very different styles.

Here is an example of a stage where we were able to work closely with the home owner to incorporate their furnishings with ours to provide what we feel was a smart and sensible stage. Can you tell which rooms are staged and which rooms were left furnished? Can you see where the blending took place?

When you have a project that you are considering, whether it is a whole home stage or a partial stage to fill in some blank spaces, we hope that you will call Simply Smart Staging to help get your home sold as fast as possible and for as much as possible.

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